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Internship Spotlight: Andrea Howe

Bayer Andrea InternAndrea Howe, December ‘15, is a Marketing Management major from Rochester, NY. Andrea interned at Bayer Material Sciences.

  1. Where did you intern last summer and what was your position title?

I interned at Bayer Material Sciences in Pittsburgh, PA, as a Supply Chain Intern. There are seven departments within supply chain and I was specifically assigned to the Center of Experts. My department consisted of veteran supply chain employees who focus on strategy, data analysis and process improvement for the whole supply chain center and different business units.

  1. How did you secure your internship?

I started looking for an internship last fall semester and applied to as many companies as I could. I ultimately found my internship by working with Grove City’s Career Services Office. My advisor recommended an internship with Bayer Material Sciences. I went to the information session that Bayer hosted on campus and arrived early to introduce myself to the recruiters. A few weeks later after an interview, I received an internship offer.

  1. What are some of the top things you learned while interning?

It is hard to condense everything I learned last summer into a few takeaways, but here are two of the main things that I learned.

  1. I learned how large corporations operate and specifically how the supply chain supports the company as a whole.

Before my internship, I did not have much exposure to supply chains. Bayer Material Sciences is a large corporation with many different business units. While most business units are looking to create more profit for the company, the supply chain unit wants to cut costs and make the whole company more efficient. Grove City has taught me to think strategically and with my internship, I began to apply what I have learned in the classroom.

  1. Public speaking and communications skills are really important.

During my internship, I had weekly presentations in front of a leadership team where I was required to work with PowerPoint and Excel. I began to appreciate how well Grove City College has prepared me for the business world. In my business classes I learned how to communicate effectively, sharpening my oral and written communication skills. Grove City has given me plenty of opportunities to practice working within a team both in class projects and a business plan competition. Without these experiences in class and in outside projects, I would not have been as successful in my summer internship.

  1. Do you have any advice for students who are looking for internships?

I would offer two pieces of advice that helped me obtain my internship. First know yourself! Take the time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and be able to articulate them. Know how to express your accomplishments in your different activities and leadership roles. Second, take advantage of all the opportunities Grove City College offers within the Career Services Office. Participate in mock interviews, the career fair and information sessions.

  1. What was your favorite part of your internship?

I really appreciated Bayer’s well-developed internship program. I was given meaningful projects that impacted the success of the company. My favorite part of my internships was the people that I worked with. I formed great relationships with my manager, co-workers and also other supply chain interns.

  1. How will your internship experience serve you in your career search?

After an extensive interview process towards the end of my internship, I was offered a full time job after graduation. My internship at Bayer Material Sciences allowed me to apply all the communication and business skills I have learned at Grove City and I feel more prepared for entering the marketplace after graduation.

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