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Q&A With Redbox Missionary Adrienne Scrima

Senior Communication Studies major Adrienne Scrima is currently studying abroad at the King’s College in New York City. This past summer Adrienne was one of the students accepted into Grove City College’s unique Redbox Missions program, where accepted students are granted funds to complete mission work of their choosing throughout the summer. 

Why did you decide to pursue the redbox program and what did that process look like?

I applied my sophomore year and was rejected, but encouraged to apply again my junior year. I applied because it was a great opportunity to do any kind of mission work on scholarship. I applied my junior year after Dr. Graham stopped me in the hallway to follow up and encourage me again. That happened the day after I asked friends to pray for my summer plans. I applied, interviewed (funnily enough my interview sophomore year went far better), went to the theology/missions training sessions, met for meals with the Red Box students, and spent months and months researching, consulting, and praying about my missions decision.

Can you describe your program and the calling you felt towards that area?Adrienne

I applied to Athletes in Action after a speaker at Fellowship of Christian Athletes spoke about how he was impacted by his experience at an AIA camp. I definitely didn’t feel called. It was the last thing I wanted to do. I thought God had better plans for me, ones that would be more sacrificial and less fun. However, God’s plan was easy to see when every other option for the summer fell through.

What were some favorite moments from the summer?

I began to see that God has gifted me in ways that are advantageous as a journalist. I started to see journalism as ministry. It actually prepped me for my King’s College study abroad journalism program. By far, the best part was the community. Everyone was extremely intentional on being open, vulnerable, and gritty about personal issues. Interns for example, initiated group discussions on homosexuality, beauty, and diversity.

How your experience affected you and impacted those around you, relationally and in your faith?

Relationally, I get to live the rest of my life miserable that I may never experience community like that again. But actually, it just showed me how valuable intentional Christian community is. And how fun it is. I entered the program with the goal to get to know myself better. I felt as though I had a ton of blind spots and wasn’t sure of how I came across. I made sure to ask people why they complimented me or get feedback, criticism on my actions. And my faith is always on a high when I can dialog with others freely and openly about God.

Adrienne2What would you say to a student considering applying for the redbox program? Is it worth it?

Yes. You can do whatever you want. Red Box isn’t for a specific kind of person, Its perfect for any Christian, regardless of calling, with a willingness to serve. Also, learn from my mistakes and don’t think too hard about it. I tried to be the best steward of the scholarship I could be, thus indecisively passing decision deadlines.

Anything else you might like to add that isn’t covered above?



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