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Rigorous Academics at GCC: A Student’s Perspective

Marcs-2015-001-449x304I’m a person who likes to do it all. When I was in high school, I always had the longest spiel at every senior night, leaving the announcers breathless as they rattled off every sports team, club, and activity in which I had participated for four years. Naturally, when I was about to start my freshman year at Grove City, I was ready to come to this school and take it by storm.

But I was afraid. I had heard the stories from my brother and friends about how rigorous the academics were. Yes, I wanted to devote myself to my studies first and foremost but what about the rest of the college experience? What about continuing my college career as a track and field athlete? At the end of August, I had plenty of butterflies in my stomach about the prospect of starting my freshman year of Grove City College.

I wish I had been able to read a blog post to soothe my nerves then like I am doing for you. If you are wondering if you will be able to handle the academics that Grove City College offers, as well as have a healthy social life, the answer is 100% yes. If you are wondering if Grove City is a school full of people sticking their noses in books, I am here to assure you that the answer is no. If you are wondering if you can be an athlete as well as have a good GPA, it is completely possible.

I am currently a junior at Grove City and for the past two years I have kept myself plenty busy with activities like varsity track and field, Orchesis Dance Troupe, New Life, Alpha Beta Tau Sorority, and Orientation Board. All of my friends and fellow students have just as busy schedules if not more. All these activities don’t account for all the late night talks about life and faith in a college dorm, endless dances, numerous Coffaro’s pizzas consumed, and intramural sports games.

Yes, Grove City is going to prepare you for your future job. Yes, they are going to push you academically and there will be many nights where you will be writing papers, reading, or doing lab reports, but Grove City will teach you many more valuable life lessons than just that. Grove City will surround you with lifelong friends who will be there for you when you do poorly on a quiz and when your heart gets broken by a Christian boy who felt like “God called him” to break up with you. Friends who you get so close to that it blows your mind that you only have known them a semester. Friends who will pray for you when you are struggling with anxiety, depression, and faith issues. Friends that will encourage you to be in the word and post sweet notes with Bible verses on your door in the dead of night.

Grove City will help you to seek God first, each and every day. You will find yourself in classes where the teacher doesn’t tip toe around controversial issues from a Christian perspective and where professors actually pray before your tests and quizzes. You will find yourself even becoming friends with your teachers, who will remember your name and even invite you to their houses for meals. At Grove City, you are so much more than just a number you are precious daughter or son of Christ and no one lets you forget it.

Grove City College isn’t just a school that will grow you academically. In just the two short years I have been here, I have grown so much—socially, spiritually, and in every area. I look at the person I was coming in freshman year and I don’t even recognize her. I have grown to become someone I would have admired in high school and, though God isn’t close to being finished with me yet, I know that I am so much closer to Him than I ever was in high school.

If you’re looking for a school where your GPA is all you’ll have to show for your four years, Grove City College is not the place for you. If you’re looking for a college where you’ll remember all the memories and good times at college, pick Grove City. You should pick Grove City if you are ready to be pushed in every area of your life, if you are ready to go home on breaks and have your family members notice positive changes in you, and if you want the whole college experience. I can guarantee that you that you will not be left unchanged.

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