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Explore Local Running Trails Near Grove City College

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Running is a favorite activity for many. Whether it’s to stay in shape or simply for the enjoyment of it, there’s no physical activity quite like it. While the treadmills in the campus gym or the indoor track above the IM room can be great, there’s something about running in the outdoors that’s more enjoyable. It’s great to be able to breath in the fresh air and take in the scenery around you while getting a good workout.

Several running routes and trails exist around campus that students enjoy jogging on regularly. One popular route is the Pinchalong “lollipop” route, which is right off of South Madison Street and stretches on for about 5.5 miles, starting and ending at campus. This pavement road path takes you past open fields and farms and offers a scenic view.

To run this route, follow Pinchalong to Diamond Road to Enterprise Road, to Tieline Road, which will lead you back to Pinchalong. Check out this route on a map.

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Another popular route is a 3.5-mile loop located right off of East Main Street along Greenwood Drive. At a fork in the road, you can choose from two different loops. The path to the right surrounds an open field and contains more hills than the path to the left, which circles around the Hunter Farm Park soccer fields. Runners jog both loops to complete the full 3.5 miles.

Like the Pinchalong route, this road is very scenic, as it meanders along tree lined, paved paths, and streams of water flowing from Wolf Creek. The foliage is especially beautiful in fall months. Check out a map of this route.

Lastly, Memorial Park offers a running trail that is also enjoyable to trek on. This route is located off of West Main Street along Memorial Park Drive and is situated right next to Grove City Area High School. The 3-mile paved path surrounded by tall trees follows Memorial Park Drive to a wooded trail that passes baseball fields and leads out to George Junior Road. Once you’ve reached George Junior Road, it’s best to turn around and follow the same route back.

Not only are these trails great for running, but for walking and biking as well. All of these mentioned routes are safe and scenic and allow you to enjoy the outdoors while simultaneously getting some exercise. Many other routes exist, so many students enjoy going out and exploring the surrounding area to discover new running paths.

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