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Eating Healthy at Grove City College

Eating healthy is an extremely important part of living well. Being in college can often bring about negative eating habits, causing students to gain weight such as the “freshman fifteen.” Factors such as stress and lack of time or money to make or buy healthy foods can all add to these bad eating habits.

At Grove City College, however, eating healthy is definitely possible, particularly in the cafeterias. While unhealthy options like pizza and ice cream do exist, plenty of healthy foods exist, as well. It’s just a matter of making healthy eating a priority and intentionally seeking out foods that your body will thank you for consuming.

For one, salads are always a good choice. The salad bars in both Hicks and MAP cafeterias offer many options including different types of greens like mixed greens and spinach, as well as many vegetables, cheeses, beans and several dressing options including fat free ones. Simply adding balsamic and vinegar to a salad makes for a very healthy topper.

Whole wheat breads are another great option. Swapping them out for white bread is beneficial since whole grains generally contain more nutrients in them like fiber. Both cafeterias carry whole wheat as well as whole grain breads.


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One of my favorite healthy combinations is rice cakes with peanut butter. This is a low calorie, nutritious option that offers protein and tastiness. Rice cakes can be found in the gluten-free sections of both cafeterias, and there are often different flavors such as Honey or Apply Cinnamon. Throw some banana slices on top and it’s even better.


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Another healthy combination is hummus with vegetables. The different hummus options like garlic or red pepper add a nice flavor to raw veggies, making them more enjoyable to eat, while also remaining healthy. There are a plethora of veggie options like carrots, peppers, broccoli, celery and others.

Lastly, there are different milk options that make healthy eating easier. 1%, skim and even Almond and Soy Milk are all available. They have a lower fat content while still remaining tasty.

Healthy eating is not always easy, but making wise food decisions definitely pays off in the long run. Grove City provides the nutritious and delicious options to make that healthy eating possible, which is something I’m personally thankful for as I strive to live healthfully.

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