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Dance Changed Her Life

Swing Dancing

Grove City College’s ballroom and swing dance clubs are known as a whirling good time. But for Gretchen Stockschlaeder, a business management student and swimmer, these clubs have been life-changing. In her own words, “learning to dance is powerful and I am truly a better person because I learned to dance.”

In her personal blog post on the subject, Gretchen described several things that dancing at Grove City has done for her. The following are drawn from some of those.

Dancing can boost the confidence of girls and guys alike.

For a girl, whirling around a room feels beautiful and romantic. And for a guy, a few steps on the dance floor will make him feel like a proper gentleman, perhaps even a gentleman from the 1700’s.

Dance groups are a source of joy.

It’s a place to meet new friends, learn new things and trip over your own feet. College has enough homework and stress to make a joyful time like this really valuable.

It’s an excuse to dress up.

Because who doesn’t want to wear a fancy dress or a suit coat?

It’s good practice and rather addictive.

When weddings and other formal events come around, being able to pull out some classy moves on the dance floor is a coveted skill. I’d rather be that guy than not be that guy.

From Gretchen’s story, it’s clear that she has become completely enthralled with dancing. Even though swimming and schoolwork leaves her exhausted at the end of some days, she chooses to go dancing because it’s just a part of her life.

Visit Gretchen’s blog to get the full story of How Dancing Changed My Life.

Learn more about Grove City’s Swing Dance Club in this great post.

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