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My Bible Study Experience at Grove City

bible1College is a smorgasbord of activities. But one that falls by the wayside, even at Christian schools, is the pursuit of God. A barrage of homework, friends and the enjoyment of activities often crowds out time to study the Scriptures or pray.

My encouragement to any Christian looking for well-spent years at college is this: don’t neglect Bible Study. Especially studying with others. It seems like a simple thing, but it is really important.

During my own time at Grove City College, I have experienced the various sides of community Bible study. Each of these has taught me uniquely and kept me from becoming overwhelmed with stress or the troubles of life.

College Group Study

Sophomore year, I was a member of the Orientation Board, a group of students who plans activities to welcome the freshman class. This was a stressful process, one that required us to work closely together as a team.

We held a Bible study as a part of our team meetings. I can say confidently that the perspectives, testimonies and vulnerability that this fostered between us was one of the main things that allowed our team to be effective together. It showed me that I was not alone in my failings and that others needed to learn the same things I was learning.

Many of the groups here at Grove City College provide this opportunity. Find one. It will be richly rewarding.

Roommate Study

No matter how much you like them, living with other people can be difficult. My roommates and I decided to study through several New Testament books together last year. It was hard to fit this into our schedule, and we ended up convening during the later part of a Wednesday night each week. But this was time well-spent. We all agree that it was the best part of our year together.

My encouragement is this: do not wait for a Bible study to just naturally happen. Seek it out, and even plan it yourself.

Men’s Hall Study

This year, the freshmen on my hall did just that: sought it out. They approached me, their RA, and said that they want to do a Bible study together.

bibleI am currently leading this study. The book of Daniel has inspired us to live differently—for them as they begin their time at college and for me as I bring it to a close. Being on the leading end has really changed how I look at studying the Bible with fellow students. It takes preparation and effort, but also requires letting others lead. It has been incredible to see these new students support each other in prayer and grow in their faith together.


These are my experiences with Bible studies at Grove City College. There are many similar opportunities here, but they will only yield as much as you invest in them.

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