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Oh, the Humanities!

Dr. Thompson Writing

Grove City College is a liberal arts school therefore there are certain academic requirements that must be met before graduation. At this school, that means a humanities core requirements for every student in every major. However, I have come to realize the value of the whole-person education offered here.

The humanities core requirements stretches across almost every area of academia. Course requirements include natural sciences, social sciences, physical education, foreign languages, and biblical & historical studies. Each category is chosen to target a specific zone of education.

Dr. Jewell, a former College president, remarked at every graduation ceremony that he knew he was shaking hands with a “well-educated person.”

Whether a student in the Calderwood (Liberal Arts) School or Hopeman (STEM) School, every student is expected to fulfill these requirements. Some might read this and have cause for concern because of a general anxiety for anything outside of a general comfort zone, but I have found that there are a considerable number of benefits to this system:

Mix of Majors in Each Class

Sometimes, the only chance I would have as an Entrepreneurship major to have class with an Engineering major is in my humanities classes. As I continue to progress in my classes, I noticed they become focused on major-specific classes. That limits the variety of students I would get to interact with in a classroom setting. However, there is so much value to be had from collaborating with people who think in different ways. I enjoy the opportunity to work with people of all academic backgrounds in these classes. Plus, I like having an in for starting a conversation with someone–this gives everyone a common ground throughout campus.

Helpful when Studying Abroad

In the spring of my sophomore year, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. It was a dream trip for me. The culture that I experienced blew my mind. However, what made that cultural exposure so much more valuable was the Civilization & the Arts class I had taken the semester prior. In that class, I learned how to analyze and appreciate artwork of all genres. Later on, when I was in Italy I visited some of the most prestigious museums and got to apply those concepts that I learned. It was so satisfying knowing how to interpret that art. I went abroad and felt prepared to walk into any museum and not feel like a fool.

Well-Rounded Education

Overall, the classes that I will take at this school will become a reflection of who I am after graduation. The opportunity to expose myself to so many different types of classes is an extremely valuable trait as I enter the workforce. As a current student, I can without a doubt vouch for the benefit of a humanities core.

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