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So Now What? A Career Spotlight on Engineering Majors

Did you know that one of the top 5 most popular areas of study at Grove City College is the engineering program? We have majors in electrical & mechanical engineering that offer students a wide variety of classes that lead to various fields and specifications in engineering.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to look at the Communications Spotlight to get a feel for how students have discovered their passions through major classes. This spotlight focuses on electrical and mechanical engineering majors and their experiences in deciding career paths. Here are some students’ thoughts on what type of career paths engineering has to offer.


What do you want to do with your Engineering degree?

“I want to have a job that involves engineering as well as communications that might not have the technical knowledge of an engineering degree. I really enjoy public speaking and making presentations, which a lot of other engineers tend to shy away from. I also like the idea of taking a complex engineering idea and putting it in simpler terms that anyone can gain a basic understanding from. My dream job would be simplifying and presenting engineering ideas to business leaders or potential customers interested in an engineering design or product.“ 

-Senior Electrical Engineering major Mathieu Vavro


“I’ve been considering a software engineering position with my degree. GCC classes helped me figure out what I wanted to do and what I’m good at, specifically computer science classes.” 

-Senior Electrical Engineering major Braden Ritts


“I am not 100% sure what area of the engineering field I want to have a career in, but I do know two things I want to achieve in a career.  I want my skills and knowledge to better the world and its people, and I want to travel.  Ideally I would like to live abroad for an extended period of time.  The Grove City environment has inspired me to impact the world for the better. I want to be able to use my skills to change lives and leave a mark in a positive way.”

-Senior Electrical Engineering major Justine Stanszewski


Upon graduation I plan on working for a year or two in the aerospace industry as a systems engineer. During that time I plan on applying to medical school. The GCC environment contributed to this decision through mentorship from professors as well as discussions with students who have similar interests.”

-Senior Mechanical Engineering major Justin Burke


“I have only had professional experience in the automation industry with my internship, so I know that I am interested in a full time career in something related to that field. I also took a Practical Circuit Design course last semester and really enjoyed everything that I learned in it; so I am very interested in a position where I would be doing circuit design full time as well. There are just so many fields to get into that it makes finding a “niche” extremely difficult; but there have been classes that taught me exactly what I do NOT want a career in!”

-Senior Electrical Engineering major Eric Martin


“Engineering” is as general a term as “communications” when it comes to diversity in majors and career paths. Grove City College offers students the opportunity to extend their interests and involvements with their majors through multiple organizations in different environments outside of the classroom.

My hope in presenting these career spotlights is to open the door to relating majors that seem completely unrelated so that students can bring their skill sets together to recognize the importance of diverse fields of study. 

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