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10 Things Grovers Say and Why They Say Them

There are some pretty common things Grove City College students always say while living on campus that range from asking about chapel to offering to go somewhere else for the day. I asked around what other people have heard and compiled a list of 10 things Grovers say and why they say them:

  1. “How many chapel credits ya got left?”

It is required as a student to acquire 16 chapel credits per semester. It is extremely easy to get this done because there are over 50 opportunities to receive a credit per semester. Because it is so easy to get all 16, it is also very easy to procrastinate going to chapel on Tuesday and Thursday morning. A great conversation between two people could start by simply asking how many credit one person has – if it’s some ridiculous number (like 24, I’m not kidding about that) Grovers can laugh at one another for not “groverachieving” when it comes to chapel.

  1. “Let’s go on a Sheetz run”

A super common, very popular eatery less than a 5 minute drive from campus – Sheetz. The MTO (Made to Order) food is to die for at 11:30 p.m. when you need fried mac n’ cheese bites. Even if you do not want to get any food, it is a great way to just get off campus for a few minutes. Kick back, sit in the car, and enjoy another student’s company.  

  1. “I wish Beans was open later”

Beans on Broad is a small coffee shop on Broad Street within walking distance of the school. The only catch: it is not open later than 6 p.m. and not at all on Sunday – not prime for a college kid. During finals, the place is packed because it has great coffee with a cozy atmosphere. Kind of like a “campus away from campus.”

  1. “I dunno, I gotta talk to my advisor about it”

Each student at GCC is assigned an academic advisor they keep for all four years. This advisor is a professor within a student’s department whom they go to for anything regarding their academic career, future career, or academic issues. Whenever a student is thinking of changing majors, it is normal to hear they have made no decisions about the transition because they have not spoken to their advisor about it yet.

  1. “Can I borrow some quarters?”

The laundry has to get done, and sometimes it has to be done whether a student has quarters/Crimson Cash or not. Yes, it is possible to run out of underwear. Since it is only $1.75 to wash and dry one load, borrowing that amount from a buddy is not that big of a deal. Make it up to them with a cup of Joe from Beans.

  1. “3rd floor HAL is the struggle”

As an Entrepreneurship major who has majority of her classes on the third floor, I relate to this quotation more than the rest. While Grove City College is considered to have some of the most fit college students in the United States, climbing up to the third floor of the academic building is no stress-free feat. I swear the only person who can do it without panting is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

  1. “What church do you go to?”

Note, not “do you go to church?”  but “What church do you go to?” GCC does not offer a Sunday morning service in Harbison Chapel because the school wants its students to make a home church off-campus. Typically freshmen are looking for suggestions on what churches to try and will ask upperclassmen for suggestions on the places they have been to – and ultimately stayed at.

  1. “McNulty is bae”

The sentence does not make the person sound very intelligent but it is more than true. Our President, Paul McNulty, is such a cool guy and he makes an effort to be at as many student events he can. His wife holds a Bible study for upperclass women every week and it is common to see their chocolate lab, Boomer, being walked around the Quad on nice days.

  1. “I’m in the mood for some chicken tenders”

Consistency is key. The student union’s GeDunk Cafe almost always has chicken tenders for lunch and dinner and thankfully they are not half bad. The downside is they aren’t as appealing after having them for three consecutive days. So when a Grover is in the mood for chicken tenders and the Gee has them, it is a good day.

  1. “You don’t know what an omelet is because you didn’t know Sherry” – all seniors

Bon Appetit is an amazing caterer for the College and every morning they have an omelet station where students can order specifically what they would like with their eggs. There used to be a worker who was an expert omelet maker (Sherry) but she has since moved on to better things and the seniors still have not gotten over it.

Next time you are on Grove City College’s campus, pay attention to student conversations and see how many times you hear one of these phrases said – I can guarantee that it will be more than you think!

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