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Campus Competition: All-College Sing


The Independent Women’s group, “Miss Independents,” strikes a pose for the camera during one of their practices.

Grove City College is an institution that values its history and traditions that have made it into such a noteworthy school. Certain events continue to prove to be campus-wide favorites that bring the students together to celebrate the amazing and talented people on campus. One of these favorite events is All-College Sing. This event takes place late in the spring semester during the annual Family Weekend, when families of current students are invited to join in on the campus life and activities to celebrate the end of the school year.

Theta active Claire Lucas expressed her enthusiasm well when she said, “All-College Sing is one of my favorite campus events of the year. It is an opportunity to try something new, it is basically the musical career I never had, as well as come together to support other students on campus.”

One of these celebrated and beloved events is All-College Sing, where Greek, Housing and Independent groups from all over campus come together to compete in a musical showdown. Beginning in 1972, there are 45 years of alumni who have participated, making it a lasting tradition that draws large crowds. Each group competing picks a song and works all semester practicing choreography, vocals and group personality. All arrangements, instrumentals, choreography, costumes and conducting are student directed. The bar is set high for these performances, as this is usually one of the most well-attended events of the weekend. The competition level between groups is also high, making for an exciting atmosphere and big performances. It’s a great time to participate in Grove City College activity, whether on stage or in the audience cheering on your friends and peers.

Junior and Housing Group AEX member Tom Miller mirrored these sentiments and shared his personal positive experiences with this exciting event. “All-College Sing has been a unifying experience during my time in my housing group. The hours spent practicing with my brothers and performing for our community have yielded a tight unity between us that makes me proud to be a part of something great and humbled to have this opportunity.”

An even rarer occurrence is the participation of an Independent group taking the stage to compete against the more established groups on campus. This year, junior Ellen Upton has taken the initiative to bring together a great group of unassociated, talented women to perform for the title. “All-College Sing, especially for the independent women, is a great opportunity to get to know new people, come together to reach a goal, and to have a lot of fun putting on a show. I would never have met some of these girls if it wasn’t for this group and I love that they are all as excited about it as I am. I think for both the independent women and all of the Greek groups it’s an awesome experience and builds a sense of community and accomplishment that otherwise might not exist.”

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