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What I Would Tell My Freshman Self: Advice From Seniors

On May 20th the Grove City College Class of 2017 will put on their cap and gowns, cross the commencement stage, and celebrate four years of hard work. It is times like this that students often find themselves looking back on the memories they made and the friendships they formed. Your four years at Grove City College will be over in the blink of an eye. No one knows GCC better than the seniors that are wrapping up their time here. We reached out to some seniors and asked them, “What advice would you give your freshman self?” As you approach your first year at GCC, take a moment to learn from those who have gone before and heed their wise words.

Claire W: College has been such a time of learning, growth, and transformation for me. My advice would be to always keep an open mind, ready to genuinely listen to and learn from others — especially those who are different from you!

Tim W: These four years are a rich experience in and of themselves rather than just a means to an end. Make the time to invest in friendships and look for opportunities for new experiences.

Melanie B: Recognize that you are at college to love God and to love others. The college years will not always be easy or fun, but they are good. God is using this time to transform you into the person He made you to be, so be encouraged and seek Him even when it’s hard!

Jamieson W: Plan out your four years now! I studied abroad and spent my junior year taking fun electives, so now I’m currently taking three classes that are hard and I have senioritis. Be proactive!

Alexis M: Don’t take everything too seriously in college – take a course, join a club, participate in an activity that you want to do solely because you think it’ll be fun. Don’t worry about it building your future or resume, but do something for yourself to make your college experience more enjoyable!

Lindsey R: Be open to new things, whether that is going to an event you wouldn’t normally go to, signing up for a class outside your major, or being open to new relationships. You never know where it will lead you and you may really enjoy something you would not have expected! This college has so much to offer and there are plenty of new things to try!

Jake G: Don’t make decisions based on what will be easiest but on what will provide you the most opportunities in the future.

Nich L: My advice would be to make the most of your college experience. Do this by getting involved on campus, taking interesting classes (such as Life of Christ), and not worshiping your GPA. Develop a healthy balance of academics and social life.

Ryan B: I strongly recommend that throughout your four years of college, you constantly seek out those who are smarter and wiser than you. Ask questions, seek wisdom, and soak up as much knowledge as you can from them.

You’ll learn your own lessons along the way, but hopefully these pieces of advice from seniors are valuable as you approach this new phase of life.

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