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Reel Life at The Grove

Reel Life at Grove City College: Best Campus Study Spots (Part 1)

To me, as a high school student searching for the college I would end up at, knowing that the place I chose would have top-notch study spaces was incredibly important. I love having serene, beautiful places to study. Finding out that Grove City College excelled in that area made a big difference to me when I visited for the first time. I live far away though—all the way over in the greater New York City area. I did not get a chance to visit Grove City until April before my first semester freshman year. Even though this trip was awesome enough to make me sure I wanted to attend, it was unfortunately not long enough to answer some more detailed questions I had about the campus—”What kind of study spots are available?” for example.

That is the question I want to address for you here in this video. I have gathered over a dozen study spots from around campus that I love. In this video, I talk about the first eight. I have a second part on the way where I will talk about the remaining spots. From HAL to Pew to the SAC, Grove City College’s campus proves beautiful and functional, for all my viewing and studying needs. Let’s go through them one by one together. I hope these videos will give you a better idea of the awesome resources Grove City College has for studying.

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