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A Beautiful Photo-Op on a Beautiful Campus

There is no doubt that Grove City College has one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation. If you were like me as a prospective student, my favorite part of visiting a college was taking that “hey I’m at this college” photo. The struggle is trying to figure out where is the BEST place to get that Instagram-able/ Facebook-able photo. So I have decided to make it a little easier with the TOP 12 places to get that photo at Grove City College. I mean, it was hard to limit it to 12 as there are so many “perfectly picturable” locations around, but these are a great place to start. Also, all photos were taken on your average mobile device, so if I could take these photos, you can too. Click on the photos to enlarge and find out more info about the spots:

If it helps at all, here is an attachment to a PDF that you can print out to find your perfect Grove City College Photo Op:

Photo-Op Map


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