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The Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Grove City College

Entrepreneurial Successes: Homecoming Businesses

The Entrepreneurship department at Grove City College is a high-energy, supportive, and fun community, but perhaps the best part is that students come out of the program fully equipped to start businesses and many start them even before graduation! The Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Grove City College hosted a tent at Homecoming this year, and I took the opportunity to get to know some of our alumni and student business owners and their businesses. Everyone in this video is either a current student here, or graduated this past year, in May 2017. The Entrepreneurship department and the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation serve students of all majors, so be sure to check them out regardless of what you’re studying!

For more information about each of the businesses see each of their websites:

Graphrite (Keith Meikrantz ’18, Austin Zick ’18, Maddie Williams ’18, Samuel Kenney ’18):

PeeWee Packs (Ross Harrington ’17, Hannah Vaccaro ’18):¬†

Hoot Book Revival (Natalie Webb ’17):¬†

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