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Sweet Jeanie's, Grove City, PA

Community Focus: Sweet Jeanie’s

Grove City College has a special relationship with many of the local businesses, but Sweet Jeanie’s is one of the sweetest. Sweet Jeanie’s is a local ice cream shop that opened in the spring of 2015. It is owned by a local couple and they quickly became very involved with the College. I have personally […]

Grove City College Chapel

Why Chapel?

You may know that there is a Chapel attendance requirement for students at Grove City College, but you may not know its purpose. Full time students at Grove City College are required to attend a minimum of 16 Chapel events per semester. There are many opportunities to attend these events, but the most popular ones […]

Grove City College Dual Degree Program

How to Use AP Credits: Dual-Degree Program

There are many ways to use AP credits towards your college degree. Some of the more common options are to graduate a semester or two early or to use them to open your schedule up to a second major or a minor or two. I entered college with 26 AP credits. I was considering using […]

Navigating Roommate Conflict

Navigating Roommate Conflict

As a senior in college I have had relatively little experience with roommate conflict until this year. I was blessed freshman year to have a great roommate with whom I could live very peaceably and became very close who I have lived with for all four years of college. Even in my first two years […]

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