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The Commuter Kitchen- A Hidden Gem

Grove City College is full of hidden gems, but one of my personal favorites is the commuter kitchen. Designed mainly for commuter students (duh), it has a microwave, coffee pot, refrigerator, sink, and toaster oven. I love it because it allows me to bring a lunch with me that is not Ramen noodles or Easy-mac. I can bring real food, store it in the fridge, and reheat it whenever I want. It is a fantastic arrangement, especially for students who commute or who live in the lower-campus apartments.

I call the commuter kitchen a hidden gem because very few students know it even exists. Tucked away on the second floor of the student union, the kitchen is out of the way for most students despite being in one of the most highly trafficked buildings on campus. It is not really a place to hang out, but it is one of the most functional and useful places on campus.

Even though I do not spend a lot of time there, the commuter kitchen is kind of like my dorm room. It is a place where students who live off-campus can make tea, heat up lunch, wash dishes, and hide yummy snacks. It is so simple, yet so wonderful. Oh, and did I mention that housekeeping does all the cleaning? This is just another wonderful service provided by the College for its students.

I know things like this are difficult to visualize, so here are a few pictures!

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