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Kyle Beyer

Football Spotlight: Kyle Beyer

Kyle Beyer

Class of 2018

Elementary Education/ PreK-4 Major

Position: Safety

What has been your favorite football memory?

Definitely the night game against St. Vincent. We went into the game with a long losing streak. It was a game we knew we could get, and we had a huge crowd. When we won the game, the crowd stormed the field and it was a huge moment.

What is unique about Grove City’s football team?

The coaching staff and camaraderie on the team from the top-down: from the president to athletic director to the coaches and teammates, we have the same vision of brick by brick and we want to make that vision a reality. Brick by brick is when coach DiDonato came with the vision of winning, he knew we can’t do it in one game, but by starting with one practice, one game, and one season at a time.

What should a perspective football player know?

When you come to Grove City, you are coming into a great institution with a great coaching staff that will be there for you along the way and they will help you out with whatever you need.

How was the program different from what you thought it would be coming in as a prospective student?

The time you have to put in. College football is different than high school football. It takes time you to put in work with film study and with lifting. The mentality stuff that go into it: the playbook is thicker, but its cooler to dive into the football and get into the game in depth and become a real student of the game.

What was your football experience like over the past four years and how did football affect your collegiate experience?

I’ve had a great experience with football over the past four years. It has affected my life because I’ve built lasting relationships with my teammates and coaches. Football teaches a lot of about life and the real world, because you have to face adversity and overcome circumstance, setting goals and reaching those goals every day.

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