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Football Spotlight: Deion Minor

Deion Minor

Class of 2018

Business Management Major

Position: Linebacker


What is your favorite Grove City football memory?

The Thiel game. I was able to finish my career by winning the Mercer County Cup, and after what we went through for the past few years, it was nice to end with such a high note.

What is unique about Grove City’s football team?

The life lessons that Coach DiDonato teaches everyday at practice. He always talks about four second phrases, focus on your vision and not your circumstance, be where your feet are.

What is something a perspective football player should know?

Be willing to learn and be ready to have your life change by Coach D who is a fantastic coach. He just taught me that not matter the circumstance, how to pursue it and learn from the good and the bad and take it as a life lesson.

How was the program different from what you thought it would be coming in as a prospective athlete?

Everybody is good and everybody is fast, everybody was the best at their high school so you have to be better everyday.

What has your football experience been like over the past four years and how did football affect your collegiate experience?

My best friends are football football players, these players will be the ones at my wedding. It has enhanced my GPA here by all the resources that Coach D and the academic resources office brings here.

What would you say to a prospective football player that is on the edge of playing at Grove City?

Definitely give it a try, football here at this school can change your life, opportunities like this wouldn’t be around without this organization. Work hard, train hard over the summer and be ready to come in in August and get the ball rolling.

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