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Rachel Kohberger

Major/ Minor Mix-Up: Biblical & Religious Studies, Communication Double Major with Computer Science Minor

Grove City College makes it really simple to pursue countless majors and minors. What is interesting is some of the major and minor combinations students choose. Some may be a little out of the ordinary, but they spark an interesting conversation. Rachel Kohnerger ’20 is one of those students with an interesting major/minor combination.

Rachel is a Biblical and Religious Studies and Communications double major with a minor in Computer Science (that’s a mouthful). When I reached out to students to see who has an interesting combination of a major and minor, Rachel caught my eye, so I decided to have a little chat with her and here is how it went:

Why did you choose Biblical and Religious Studies and Communication Studies as a double major?

Like a bunch of kids, I went to youth camps. One day they asked for anyone going into ministry to come up. At that point I decided that is something I want to do. Because of this, I looked into Christian colleges. I knew I wanted to get involved in spreading the gospel whether it was working with a mission agency or with Christian media.

A lot of BARS (Biblical and Religious Studies) major professors recommended a double major as the two compliment each other. The Communication Studies major is a support to the BARS major and it opened up opportunities with both majors.

What was the moment you knew your major was the right choice?

The very first assignment: A 15-page research paper in Contemporary American religion. We had to go to different churches and research the ways they worship and how it had an effect on age-group attendance… [after the project] it showed me that is was something I could do and something I enjoyed doing.

Computer Science and Biblical and Religious Studies? Why Computer Science?

Last year I took programming 1 for my math requirement with no expectations but I really ended up loving programming. There was room in my schedule to add it as a minor. With the direction I want to take it [academic career], I’ll take web design classes that compliment my Communications major.

What moment made you decide you loved Computer Science?

I had professor Al Moakar who is a very hands on teacher. It was the first time I created a program and ran it. It was so satisfying to see the program run and to see and understand how it worked.

Any advice for incoming freshmen that are debating what majors and minors they will pursue?

Don’t limit yourself! Its okay to get in and realize that you aren’t doing what you want to do for the rest of your life. Explore classes in other departments, not just your Gen Ed’s or HUMAs (General Education and Humanities courses). You never know. You may actually love it and decide to minor in it, like me.


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