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Event Recap: Grover Feud

On Friday, March 9, the Gamma Sigma Phi sorority and Sigma Phi Omicron housing group hosted the 2nd annual Grover Feud in Crawford Auditorium. The event was based off the television game show, “Family Feud”, with a twist of questions based on Grove City College’s campus and student life. There were a maximum of 18 teams that registered with six members on each team. Teams ranged from groups of friends, sports teams, housing and Greek groups, and even a team of professors and faculty on campus! Grover Feud’s proceeds went to Young Life, a popular ministry on Grove City’s campus, in order to help send a high school student to camp in the summer. There were approximately 370 people who attended the event, which was over twice as many as the prior year.

All in attendance were able to enjoy the friendly competition between students and faculty, and get a good laugh from the jokes cracked by the student hosts, Kristen Bishop and Joe Colosimo. Those watching also had fun trying to figure out the answers to questions such as, “Name the funniest professor on campus.” As the teams battled their way through the single-elimination bracket, the final round came down to Nu Lambda Phi and Risky Business (the team of primarily business professors and faculty). In the end, Risky Business came out on top with a win. The members on the team included, Mr. and Mrs. Sweet, Dr. Carson, Dr. Baglia, Dr. Grimm, and Mandie McCreadie.

Team Alpha Omega

Gamma Sig senior, Elaina Kimpel, was the mastermind behind the event and came up with the idea to host it last year. Elaina’s thoughts on this year’s event concluded with, “Grover Feud was just an idea I came up with my sophomore year here at Grove City College that I thought would be a ‘cool event’ to put on. Two years later, that ‘cool event’ became one of the biggest fundraisers here at the school where it was able to bring over 400 students and faculty together for one night to do something fun as a college. That “cool event” would come to raise almost $1,000 over the past two years for organizations that help share the love of Jesus Christ to others in surrounding communities.”

All in all, Grover Feud was a huge hit on Grove City’s campus, and it was a great way for students to spend their Friday evening!

Winning Team: Risky Business

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