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NBA Jam (Quinn photo)

Omicron Xi: NBA Jam

It is that time of the season again. Rush! The Omicron Xi fraternity (Okies) is hosting its very first rush event infamously called the NBA Jam. So put on your biggest jerseys, hike those ankle socks up, and come to jam. This great event gives students a way to get to know one of the many fraternities on Grove City Colleges campus. The night is packed full of games, laughter, and much more.

The night is for those interested in rushing a fraternity on campus. Even if you do not know what a fraternity is, still come! It is a guaranteed good time on campus to get away from the busyness of homework assignments one might have. The NBA Jam is an event where students get to face off against each other and current actives in the Omicron Xi fraternity. The game was first produced in 1993 and is played on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, otherwise known as the SNES. It is fun playing on ancient technology!

Through heart pounding rounds of playing people to move up on a bracket, the excitement never ends. If you do not want to participate in the NBA Jam game or unfortunately lost, fret not. There are plenty of other rooms on the Okie hall for entertainment. Matt Demember, located in room 361, is hosting a game of Gang Beasts and other activities. Ryan Motta and Robbie Weaver plan on hosting their weekly board game night in their room 353. There are plenty of rooms to stop in and say hello! Each member of the Omicron Xi fraternity welcomes every rush to join them in hanging out. With this all said, there will also be complementary food to indulge in on the hall aside from socializing and playing video games.

In all reality, the event is not like any other. It holds value to gaining friendships and spending quality time with one another. Each active in the fraternity holds this event highly to meeting new people and expect to take their time to enjoy being with rushes. So, even if a fraternity is not for you, the Okies want to welcome all to join them for a night of amusing entertainment.

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