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Intramural Sports (IM Sports) are pretty huge at Grove City College…like, “one of the best programs” kind of huge. Most of the student body participates in some IM sport each year, and there are IM leagues for just about anything you could think of. Everything from IM Basketball to IM Settlers of Catan exist. All of them occur each year on campus.

Registering and signing up for IM sports in the past was a pretty cumbersome process. For sports, you had to fill out a release of liability form for each sport. When a student plays in several sports each year, this got pretty tiring. Plus, if your team had a conflict with one of your scheduled game times and wanted to request a time change, you primarily had to communicate via email with the other team’s captain, which took up too much time to accomplish a fairly easy task.

This year, Grove City College switched over to IM Leagues, an app that handles all aspects of IM sports, and things have been so much easier. Inside the app, a student can register for a sport, join a team, and sign off on their waiver form all digitally. Once part of a team, the schedules are then uploaded to the app, which provides alerts for when one has an upcoming game. There are tons of features that seem like they come right from fantasy football, like the ability to trade players and pick up “free agents” (those who do not have a team).

So far, the transition to the app has gone pretty smoothly, which has eliminated a lot of the common headaches that students have to deal with. It also has helped keep more teams accountable with showing up to games, which has allowed everyone to actually play instead of facing a last minute cancellation due to a communication error beforehand.

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