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Intersession at Grove City College

Every year students at Grove City have the opportunity to take intersession courses provided by the College. An intersession course is taken for two-weeks, four hours a day, six days a week. Grove City offers these classes on-campus, and a select few are offered online. Intersession takes place in the winter, the last two-weeks of winter break, and in the spring, the first two-weeks of summer break. Not every class is offered as an intersession option, but many are, especially a lot of fundamental courses such as a science, accounting, math classes, etc., so students can get them out of the way before their “real” semester begins.

Sophomore Marketing major Gretchen Basham decided to take an intersession course this year, and she took hers during the winter session of 2019. Gretchen took Accounting 202, a required course for all Marketing majors, taken after completing Accounting 201. Gretchen said she decided to do this course for intersession because she wanted to get it out of the way in order to lighten her schedule for her Spring 2019 semester, and she knew she was not necessarily skilled or interested in this topic, so doing it for two-weeks straight was worth it to her in order to get it out of the way for her future schedule.

Gretchen said that she expected intersession to be a simple way to get a class done in two weeks; however, she said she found the class to be challenging, but intersession proved to be rewarding. Although a good way to take a class, she found it to be more labor intensive than she was expecting but said it could vary depending on the course being taken.

Gretchen said one very helpful thing about taking an intersession course is that it forces you to focus specifically on that topic and course and devote all your time to it because that is the only thing you have going on for two weeks. She also said this forced her to learn all the topics in the class, in order to do well, which allowed her to achieve success.

Gretchen said she would do intersession again if she knew there was another class she was not particularly interested in and knew she would want to get it done in the span of two weeks. She said intersession was very helpful to her and would recommend doing it with friends because it can be more fun and exciting when everyone else is gone from campus, and you can use your friends as resources when you may need some help.

An intersession experience can vary drastically depending on the course being taken, if you are with friends, if you are living on campus, commuting for your intersession experience, or in the case of the online intersession, staying at home to complete your course.

Grove City College provides many opportunities to allow its students to get ahead, and potentially add more flexibility to their schedules for future courses and semesters. There are also often many intersession traveling opportunities, where faculty-led trips go abroad, and students can earn credit while doing so.

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