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Eating Healthy in a Cafeteria

One of the last questions prospective students typically ask when looking at a college is “how is the food”? At Grove City College, there is a wide array of options at your disposal with two separate cafeterias, and it can feel overwhelming at first. In the months leading up to my wedding this past summer, I was very careful about what I was eating, and I learned a lot about how to eat healthy in the Grove City cafeterias. Whether you have gluten allergies or you are trying to lose some weight through healthy eating, it is all possible at Grove City College.

If you have allergies or eat only vegetarian or vegan foods, Grove City is extremely accommodating. Both cafeterias have gluten free sections, with the main option being a gluten free version of what is being served at the regular stations. There are gluten-free cereals and breads, so you can make your own meal, and they are careful to not cross-contaminate any of the foods. At other stations, there are signs denoting whether the food is vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free friendly. Additionally, the salad bars are nicely separated so that you can pick and choose the kind of food that you can eat and build your own salad or other meal. Hicks has fresh chicken and beef made to order, so you can create a healthy meal with your protein of choice. MAP has Meatless Mondays, which are perfect for vegetarians and vegans looking to get a tasty meal.

Here is an example of how I ate on a given day: MAP cafeteria has an omelet station, so I would start my day with a healthy dose of protein and veggies in a green pepper, onion and spinach omelet. For lunch, I would create a grilled chicken salad at Hicks with its made to order chicken and the salad bar. Finally, I would end my day with the main meal being served and some roasted veggies with pepper. It was simple, quick, and an effective food schedule that kept me full and healthy! Grove City has loads of options, and it made my meals easy to create with the variety of foods.

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