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On Campus Starbucks vs. Off Campus Dunkin’

Grove City College offers a variety of ways to get food on campus. A student or anyone looking for food on campus can either go to Hicks dining hall, Map dining hall, or to the Breen Student Union to get a meal. At the Student Union, the food options are smaller and to-go. This can be really useful to students with busy schedules because they can quickly grab their food, go to class, or do what is necessary for their day, while still being able to make time for meals. They also offer other items that are not part of a student meal plan, so you would have to pay for those items in either normal money or crimson cash, cash that you put on your student ID card.

One thing offered at the Student Union, that is not part of a student meal plan, is Starbucks.  This can be pretty convenient to students because they can grab a cup of coffee before their morning class or while they are doing homework. Starbucks is a well known coffee shop for quality coffee, but one problem is that it is also well known for higher prices.

Due to the higher prices and not a lot of options in the Student Unions’ Starbucks, a lot of students will look to other places for their much needed coffee. One of those places is Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’ is a pretty close walk, being just across the street from the Colonial Hall Apartments, and many students take advantage of the ability to do their homework there.

Just from being present in both Dunkin’ and the Student Union, it is safe to say that more students get their coffee from Dunkin’.  This could be for multiple reasons: the coffee is less expensive, you are able to use a rewards membership unlike at the Starbucks in the Student Union, etc. If the Student Unions Starbucks made a few changes, for example, being able to use the Starbucks rewards app, then they could possibly get more business in that regard.

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