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Grove City College Career Fair: When is a Good Time to Go?

Grove City College’s Career Fair is the best recruiting event of the year on campus. Not only is it a great recruiting event, but an amazing networking opportunity. The Career Fair is not only an event to find a job, but a way to obtain internships or a spot in graduate school. With over 160 graduate schools and employers attending the event, there are many options available for each student and their needs. One specific question that may be asked prior to this event is, “When is the best time to start attending?”

Although this event is especially directed toward juniors and seniors, this is a valid question, as a freshman is not yet looking for a career and possibly not an internship either. Although this event may not seem applicable in a freshman’s college career, there are many benefits to attending at this point. Getting familiar with the layout of the Career Fair will help someone become more comfortable for future years and talking with different employers is great experience.

Networking is one of the best aspects of this event as well. Talking to multiple employers can not only help improve your social skills for future interviews, but it also helps an employer get familiar with an individual, which could possibly lead to a future internship and/or job if they are impressed. As a freshman specifically, talking to these employers can even help give guidance as to a career path one may want to go down with a specific degree if a job sounds intriguing. Also, if a freshman comes in as an undeclared major, going to this event could help give a better idea of what does and does not appeal to them.

Attending the Grove City College Career Fair is a very important event for juniors and seniors to attend if an internship or job is not already in place, but it is also very beneficial for freshman and sophomores to attend to expand their knowledge, options, and social interaction skills.


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