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Grove City College Chapel Credits: How Does it Work?

Grove City College has many different opportunities and experiences to offer than your typical state college or university. Having the Christ-centered academics and environment make it much different than many other academic choices. With the selecting of a private college such as this, also comes the academic integrity and the hope of creating a well-rounded adult after graduation. Among many different areas of study and requirements, chapel credits are one selection of criteria that need to be met each semester at Grove City College.

Many prospective students may be curious as to what it means to fulfill chapel credits each semester. I know that when I was about to enter Grove City College, I still did not have a clear understanding of what exactly fulfilling chapel credits entailed. Chapel credits are not credits that are put toward your course load, but are rather their own section of requirements set aside each semester.

Students are required to obtain 16 chapel credits each semester. There are many opportunities to receive these credits, so it is not difficult to fulfill 16 credits. Credits are offered at Sunday night vesper services, Tuesday morning chapel, Thursday morning chapel, and many other credit opportunities offered at randomly stated times throughout the semester. Some incoming students may be concerned about not being able to attend chapel on Tuesdays or Thursdays because of a morning class, but there is no need to fret, as there are no classes during the time of chapel on Tuesday and Thursday morning. There are also double chapel credit opportunities offered throughout the semester as well. Speakers or missionaries are brought onto campus frequently and often times they will speak at chapel services and occasionally in the evenings at appointed times for single or double chapel credit as well.

There are many chapel credit opportunities offered throughout the semester at Grove City College, so it is not a difficult requirement. Also, it is ultimately a great time to worship the Lord as well as learn more about Him through music and sermons.

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