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What Is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship. What does that word even mean? To some it may conjure thoughts of innovation and business, while others might think of classes where a scammer teaches customers how to make a successful career by pretending to have said successful career. Unfortunately, the latter of these two is far too common nowadays, so I thought I would clear the air and describe what the Grove City College Entrepreneurship major consists of for anyone who (understandably) may not know what it is all about. Here are three different areas of education you will experience if you choose to study entrepreneurship.

1. Idea Generation

The first type of class you will run into as an Entrepreneurship major are classes that deal with the beginnings of businesses and how good ideas come to be. Believe it or not, since there are so many products and services already out there, coming up with a decent idea for a business that has not already been done can be quite challenging. These classes, which include Entrepreneurial Mind and Lean Launchpad, are perfect examples of classes that help students hone their venture generation skills. In Entrepreneurial Mind, students will learn about how to think of the need a product fixes before anything else, and in Lean Launchpad students will take the lessons learned from Entrepreneurial Mind and apply them in a Shark Tank like situation.

2. Business Core

The second group of classes students take in the Entrepreneurship major consists of the business core. These are your typical college business classes such as finance, accounting, and marketing. Although these may not be as exciting as other entrepreneurial classes, the importance of this curriculum cannot be understated and is a necessity for any student interested in entering the world of business after they graduate.

3. Entrepreneurial Effectuation

The last set of classes Entrepreneurship majors will take are the upper level capstone courses. It is hard to describe these classes succinctly, but if I had to choose one word, I would choose effectuation, the concept of using your own skill set and connections to create opportunities where you can reduce risk and produce a more consistent outcome. In other words, effectuation is where entrepreneurial ideas and reality meet. A good example of this would be to think back to when you were a teenager. You probably had some big ideas of what you wanted to do, but did not have the tools to do so. If you had a lawn mower, you might have done what you could with the tools you had and mowed lawns as your summertime job. That is entrepreneurial effectuation. As you grow older, you will learn more skills and your tool set will increase, but in reality some business ventures will be out of your reach, or at least way harder to produce than an opportunity that is at your fingertips. For these classes, expect a lot of presenting, writing, and real-life work in classes such as Business Planning and Healthcare Innovation, where Grove City College partners with a pharmaceutical company to provide students with job experience.


I hope this post helped you understand what classes make up the Entrepreneurship major at Grove City College. If you have other questions, or would like to find out more, feel free to check out the Entrepreneurship department website here. Whereas this post was about the classes of the major, the website will show you more of the events that the Entrepreneurship Department holds. If you are interested in a business major where you can express your creative side, I highly recommend you look into entrepreneurship.

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