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Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshman: Part 1

Are you or have you ever been nervous about going to college? Me too. And so has pretty much every other person to ever attend college. With that being said, here are some pieces of advice to hopefully ease some of your nerves.

  1. You WILL succeed in your classes if you put in the effort. They are not as impossible as they seem. You learned how to study and work in high school, you will be fine.
  • One of the things I was most nervous about when coming to college was the workload and the classes. I always heard that college was significantly more difficult than high school and that I would get a rude awakening. While Grove City has rigorous academics, the classes and workload are doable. I was so scared coming to college thinking that I would not have a social life or that I would not do well academically. Let me reassure you as a senior at the College, if you put in the work you will figure out how to best study for you and get the work done without working yourself crazy. You CAN do it!
  1. The professors are here to help you, not to scare you or fail you.
  • In high school, I remember my teachers telling me that my college professors would not be lenient with me (i.e. no late homework, schedule was hard set, no extra credit, no conversations when extenuating circumstances arose, etc.). This terrified me for college. But I can assure you that I have not had a single professor at Grove City who has not worked with me when conflicts arose for either class or an assignment. Every professor I have had at the College has always been the most understanding when I have reasonable excuses or a difficult situation that requires an extension or simply the professor to work with me individually.
  1. It is okay not to find your lifelong best friends your freshman year. You will find close friends.
  • When I first moved into my freshman dorm, there was this weird underlying pressure to find your best friends the moment you got to school. It was like if you did not find your best friends within the first month of school you were somehow never going to find them. I am proof that this notion is simply not true. Yes, for some, freshman friends or roommates do become the best of friends. And that is awesome! However, I did not find my closest friends or friend circle freshman year. I found it sophomore year with my roommate who I have now lived with for three out of the four years I have been at Grove City. Also, I found my group of close friends sophomore year when I joined a sorority on campus. My point is, it is okay if you do not end up being best friends with your freshman year roommate. You will find your group and you will find your close friends.
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