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English Major Internship Spotlight: Laura Locher

Internships are a stressful topic for some and a reminiscent memory for others. I completely understand both sides of this coin. My name is Laura Locher and I completed two internships over the course of my time at Grove City College. Both internships were in New York City. The first was with an independent publishing company called Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group and the second was with a healthcare marketing ad agency company called FCB Health. Today, I want to focus on my most recent experience with FCB Health.

FCB Health Experience (remote from June 2020-August 2020):

My most recent internship was with FCB Health, NY. I was the single editorial intern for the network’s NYC office. I spent the summer learning the lingo, various editing software systems, the history of the company, and the editorial process FCB uses. Let me describe the editorial process FCB Health enacted. With what I am legally allowed to share, being that the network is a healthcare company, the editorial process is a multi-level system that includes factors like cold reads, fact checks, proofreads, etc. The editorial process is much more in-depth than that and I would love to talk to anyone who is interested in a similar field!

I loved my internship experience with FCB so much. If I could some it up in a sentence I would say this, it’s simple: the people, the culture and atmosphere, and the work. I cannot begin to explain how much I loved everyone I worked with last summer. Whether they were people from various departments or my fellow interns, everyone was phenomenal. The company culture is exactly what I am looking for – accepting, encouraging, team-oriented, driven. And finally, the work I did this summer piqued my interest in something I never pictured myself working in – healthcare. Overall, my experience with FCB Health was incredible and I have recently accepted a freelance editor position with the company beginning September 1, 2020.

One final highlight from my internship was winning the intern pitch project challenge! All 53 summer interns at FCB were split into five teams and tasked with creating a pitch for a brand the company works with. My team ended up winning the pitch and the group’s ideas are actually going to be used in an upcoming campaign! My advice to students seeking similar internships is this, apply everywhere and anywhere even if you think you don’t have a chance of landing the internship. You have no idea what door God will open for you. Look at me, I applied to FCB Health on a whim randomly on LinkedIn, got the email saying they want to start the interview process, got the internship, and now have a job with the company. You never know.


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