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Working Part-Time and Being a Full-Time Student

Coming to college as a freshman, most would never think of getting a job while being a full-time student. I realized, however, that it is indeed possible to be a full-time student as well as a part-time employee to make extra money as well as gain experience.

I interned with a company called FCB Health, NY this last summer as the editorial intern. After a summer working remotely for the healthcare network, I accepted a freelance editor position with FCB beginning September 1st, 2020. While school is super important, it is also important to be proactive about finding a job for post-graduation. I kept in contact with my supervisor from the network and landed a job for the next year prior to graduation. The primary point is, even if you are a freshman, it could be beneficial to get a part-time job during the semester career related or not. It could be beneficial for a couple of different reasons. One, you will make some money to help with the cost of books or whatever else you would like. Two, you can learn the value of hard work before starting your career.

The most valuable thing I learned from working part-time while being a full-time student is first, the importance of prioritizing finding a career while at Grove City. Your academics are equally as important during your four years at the College, but that does not mean you should not also focus on getting a jump start on finding an internship or part-time job. It does not matter if you’re a freshman or a senior, it is never to early to make connections and gain experience while also being a student. Secondly, I learned that everything would work out how it is supposed to. If you get a job during school, you will be okay and able to make it work. But if you don’t, you will also be okay. All in all, during your time at the Grove, if you can start building connections with people in the work industry, do it. It will only be beneficial to you in the long run and there is time. Do not let anyone tell you that you are only a freshman, and this does not apply to you. It is never too early to start networking and getting yourself out there.

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