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The Importance of Faith

Faith is something that most assume when coming to Grove City College is all around you in everything you see and do. Now, faith is a deeply integrated part of the Grove City community. But with that said, it is easy to let your personal faith slip because you assume with chapel and Bible studies that you are covered. As a senior, I can personally attest to the fact that your faith and relationship with Christ can easily fall to the back burner if you are not actively and daily pursuing The Lord. There have been times when I got to the end of a semester and realized I had not spent a single day with Jesus in quiet time or prayer. This affected the health of my spiritual, emotional, and physical life in ways you cannot imagine.

I have found that the only thing that brings me peace when I am stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious is spending time with Jesus every single day. As a senior this year, I took a look back on the last three years of my college career and how I felt when I was spending consistent time in the word versus when I was not. I do not mean to say this in a condemning way–as if you are a bad person if you do not spend time with Jesus every day. NO. Not at all. I am saying that, in my opinion, if you want a beautiful, healthy, life-fulfilling experience during your time at Grove City College, fix your mind on Jesus and His word as much as possible.

I have found that starting my day by reading one or two chapters of the Bible and writing out a prayer for my day has been the best way to start said day. With that being said, you ultimately have to do what is right for you. And your time with Jesus can look different every day, it does not have to be the same thing over and over again. Spending time with Jesus is spending time with Jesus.

As I write this post, I pray that your time at the College is full of joy, beauty, community, and faith. Faith in the unseen. Faith in the God who created you and has walked the path before you. The God who has won all of your battles, so you do not have to. When you come to college, keep your faith for He is with you.

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