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Transitions: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the “Transitions” series! Transitions can be difficult, but I want to continue to ease your mind about a few of them.

  1. Transition to leaving family.

One of the most difficult things for people going to college is moving away from family. This is completely understandable seeing as you will have lived with your family for your entire life. Something to acknowledge when you come to college is that yes, it will be weird at first sharing a bathroom with 20-30 other people and not having your mom around to help do your laundry or cook for you. But, going to college is such a beautiful first run at being independent from your family and making big, daily decisions for yourself and by yourself. Also, you will have plenty of breaks to go home and visit your family if you live far away. If you live close, you can go home on the weekends to catch up and reenergize for the week ahead! You can do it. Missing family is so normal. Lean on your peers who are also missing their family and in the same transition with you and they will become your family.

  1. Transition to being autonomous.

As mentioned above, you are most likely moving out of your family home and pretty excited about going to college to become independent. Of course, there are some responsibilities that only come post-graduation, but for the most part, college is the first time you will be independent from your family unit. It is truly so exciting coming to Grove City and making decisions for yourself without having to consult your parents or anyone really except yourself. You can decide what you do when, what you eat when, how late you stay up or wake up in the morning, if you work out or not, and a whole lot more. College is a great space to learn the ropes of being independent while in the safe confines of a phenomenal school like Grove City College.

College is one of the biggest transitions you will ever make in your life–moving away from family into a dorm, new classes, new experiences, etc. It can all be terrifying from an outside perspective, but when you break it down day by day, moment by moment, you will soon learn to thrive at Grove City College.

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