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As a senior in high school, I remember being slightly afraid to come to college. I did not know how safe the campuses would be because they were in towns and cities that I did not know. I originally wanted to go to the University of Pittsburgh, but one reason that I chose to come to Grove City College is because of the safety and security of the college. As a senior, I can say without hesitation that there has never been a minute where I did not feel safe while on campus. The College is very safe, and it is one of those places where you could leave your wallet somewhere and it would be there three hours later, untouched. Considering how unsafe many colleges are, it is so important that Grove City is as safe as it is. The campus and the parking lots are well-lit and there are emergency call boxes located all around campus. There are Campus Safety vehicles constantly driving around to check on things. There is barely ever an incident report at the College.

Not only is the College a very safe place to be, but also the town is very safe. The town of Grove City is very quiet and has a low crime rate. There have been evenings that I have gone out for a walk and did not feel afraid at all. The people that live in town are kind and the community as a whole is very safe. In fact, the crime rate of Grove City is only 1/1,000. Since I am a young, female, college student, it makes me feel very safe to know that the campus is a safe place and that the community is a quiet. Overall, the campus is small and quaint and there are many reasons as to why Grove City College is special and unique. I recently asked several of my friends if they felt safe at Grove City College, and every one of them replied without hesitation, “Yes!”. My one friend said, “As a 21 year old college female, there has not been a second where I was afraid or even concerned about my safety at Grove City. It is one of the benefits of going to college in the country- I love being safe and the more I think about it, the more I am thankful that I chose Grove City. At other colleges, it is quite different.” I can confidently say that if you come to Grove City College, you will feel safe and at home, which is very important to many college students.

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