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Internship Spotlight – Finance

I recently interviewed my boyfriend, Dave Bereck, on his current internship. Dave loves working and sees himself as a hard worker and very driven. Currently, he is a full-time student majoring in Finance and Management but also works at a business called Treloar & Heisel. Although Treloar & Heisel provides financial services of all types, […]


Grove City Alumna: Julia

This fall, I had the opportunity to meet my boyfriend’s sister, Julia, who is also a Grove City College alumna. Julia attended Grove City College a couple of years ago and has now since has relocated to Arizona where she is enjoying life as a teacher. When I asked her about her time at Grove […]


College Life in Quarantine

Grove City College is blessed that we were all able to return to campus this fall and that we made it to the end! Everyone is really excited to return home and finish up the semester. We will not return until the end of January, which means that after Thanksgiving there was a week of […]

Rockwell Hall, home to the Exercise Science Department

College and COVID-19

In March 2020, everything seemed to get crazy. Students were sent home in the middle of March due to the coronavirus. Students, parents, teachers and employees were all panicked because it was such a strange and uncertain time. We did not end up returning until the fall of 2020. Since returning in August, things have […]


Campus Jobs

Often, students do not know whether they can handle having a job while also taking classes. Though it may not work well for some students, other students enjoy working while in college. Some students work off campus, but those jobs are typically more hours each week and scheduling around classes and homework could be stressful. […]


Election Night 2020

Grove City College is such a special place for so many reasons, but one reason why I particularly find the college to be such a unique place is because of the students’ passion for politics. Many college students have little interest in politics – but not Grovers! Being that Grove City College is a conservative […]

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Are You Ready to “Adult”?

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, credit cards, savings accounts, student loans, bills, rent, car payments, insurance…it is all coming for you! For the past 20ish years, your parents have probably handled most of that for you. College will likely be the first time you are “on your own” and you will have to figure out things like […]


Marketing Electives: Advertising

Marketing majors have the option to take different electives that apply toward your degree. There are core marketing classes that everyone must take, and there are others that you can choose from, which are “marketing major electives.” I like having the option between different courses because I can choose to take electives that I am […]

Grading term paper or school essay a plus

The Average Grade Breakdown

I remember being a senior in high school and wondering how different college would be from high school. Often, I wondered how much more difficult it would be, what the classes would be like, and how the grading system would work for each class. It was terrifying to come to college because I did not […]

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