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Finals Week at Grove City College

For me, the thought of my first finals week at the College was absolutely terrifying. I wanted to ace all my exams but had no idea how to manage all of the studying and retain any information. I have a few tips on how to relax and study well for your first finals week. Take a read if you are a freshman who is wary about your first finals week experience!

  1. Split up your studying time by class and when your final is.
  • For example, if you have two finals on Friday–one at 9:00am and one at 7:00pm–on Wednesday write out your study guides for both finals so you do not have to do that on Thursday. Then on Thursday (study day) you could spend your morning studying for your 9:00am final, take a lunch break, spend the afternoon continuing to study for your 9:00am final, review for your 9:00am, take a dinner break, begin studying for your 7:00pm final after dinner, take a break and review for your 9:00am final until midnight, then go to bed, wake up to review one last time and be confident taking your 9:00am final and use the rest of your day to review and study for 7:00pm final. There is no one right way to study. This is just one of my favorite and most effective ways of studying.
  1. Take small breaks to refresh, spend time with friends, and reenergize.
  • While I could give you many more study tips to be prepared for finals, I want to give you the most important tip when getting ready for finals: take breaks and rejuvenate. Studying for hours on end will result in nothing productive if you do not take breaks to relax and recoup. I have found that I am the least productive when I study for more than three or four hours without taking a break to go hang with friends or eat something. If I study for much longer than that without taking a break, my studying becomes useless because I do not retain anything, and I am not in a healthy headspace to continue studying well.

It is completely normal to be nervous about your first finals week at the Grove. But, with some tips from me, hopefully you can be a little bit more prepared and relaxed!

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