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Leaving a Tropical Paradise for Grove City College

Grove City College is home to students from all over the world. Here on campus, I have friends not only from all over the United States, but also from Hungary, Singapore, China, and even Australia. I am from Hawaii. While not as far as Australia, Hawaii is still very out of the way of Grove City, Pennsylvania. So why, out of all the college options across the United States and around the world, did myself and many others choose Grove City College? 

The Grove has many things going for it, from a beautiful campus to one of the kindest and most driven student bodies in America. I would like to share some of the reasons I chose Grove City and what has brought me back for my sophomore year. 

Two years ago, I was working my way through my last year of high school and had begun my search for a college. I had looked at several schools and liked the sound of some of them, but nothing had quite clicked yet. Since I live in Hawaii, it was too much hassle to go visit schools, and none of the schools on the island had what I was looking for. This was when I first found the Grove. From the first picture I saw I was entranced. The Grove is a gorgeous campus. I struggle to find the words to describe how beautiful it is. Not a day will go by that you are not reminded of the beauty in God’s creation on this campus.

With my curiosity piqued by the beauty in the pictures, I began to dig deeper in research. Everything I read said that the Grove is home to one of the most motivated and driven student bodies in the world. Most of the students are strong Christians, and it shows. This carries over to the faculty as well. The Christlikeness reflected in so many of the people on campus creates an air of grace despite the rigorous academics, which makes for an unparalleled learning environment and encourages motivation.

The faculty at the Grove are amazing. They set themselves apart from many other schools in that they genuinely care about every individual student. I have yet to meet a professor that is not always willing to talk with you about class–or life in general! I have even developed great friendships with many of my professors. 

Beauty, grace, and rigorous academics are all very important to me. The beauty reminds me both of God’s glory and of the beauty of my home in Hawaii. The grace displayed by everyone gives me motivation to move forward and improve without fearing failure. The academics constantly push me to be better and to think about the world around me. All these factors come together to make an amazing college experience–one worth leaving paradise and crossing the Pacific ocean!

I could go on for many more pages talking about how much I love Grove City. This campus is truly like no other. From the students, to the faculty, to the campus itself, I cannot recommend the Grove enough. I hope your experience at Grove City is as great as mine has been so far!

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