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Caleb Pierson: From Career Fair to the Workplace

Caleb Pierson: Video Interview

Post college plans? That may seem like a century away, but it will be here sooner than you think. Luckily, Grove City College prepares its students through excellent academics and an outstanding Career Services Office that gets you in contact with potential employers. Do not let the thought of a post college career plan stress you out. Caleb Pierson, a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at Grove City College, explains how he was able to use the CSO and its annual Career Fair to land an awesome summer internship, full of great experiences!

Caleb interned at an accounting firm in Pittsburgh, PA called Grossman Yanak and Ford. He was able to put to use the information he learned in the classroom, demonstrate proper workplace behavior, and gain useful insight on how to interact with clients and coworkers. Caleb would absolutely recommend participating in a summer internship program to his peers and incoming students because of the experience he gained, and the potential job offer that could follow upon completion of the internship.

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