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Students tell us their favorite thing about Grove City College

From the beautiful nature surrounding the campus, to the well structured buildings and engaging professors, there can be a lot to enjoy about Grove City College. This week I surveyed the student body and asked them to tell me their favorite thing about Grove City College, and here is what they had to say: 

Christ-Centered Education

When asked what their favorite thing about Grove City College is, many students gave a similar report, saying, “The Christ centered education.” One student shared that he loves “the way it’s shaping how I view the world through the light of Christ and the Lord of all.” 

The College is focused on incorporating Christ into every subject. If you are learning about business, you are learning about how to honor God in operating your business. If you are learning about sports, you are learning to honor God with your body. If you are learning about education, you are learning to honor God in the education field. Everything we learn points us back to our relationship with Christ. 


Another classic campus favorite is the autumn trees on campus, which explains why some students answered, “The trees.”

Maybe you do not wander around thinking about how great trees are, but when you walk on to Grove City College’s campus in the fall, noticing the trees is absolutely unavoidable. These trees are nothing less than stunning. As someone who comes from the west coast, seeing such brightly covered trees is my new favorite part of fall. Another student gave a shout out to the campus trees when they said, “The fall trees are beautiful.” 



“Professors,” answered more than a couple of the students surveyed. Another student responded, “The people and professors.”

When you are thinking about attending college, considering the quality of professors should be at the top of your list for college qualifications. Trust me, good teachers make a world of difference when it comes to what you will take away from a course. As we can see here, the professors on campus are truly beloved.

Another student made a remark about how the professors at Grove City do more than just teach, saying, “The quality professors. They always genuinely care about students.” 



“Generally friendly people,” replied one student. 

“The people!” exclaimed another. 


It is pretty obvious that our community is another favorite aspect of Grove City. One of the core values of the College is community, and that core value is lived out in the lives of the students on campus. Students here actively encourage one another and help others out. I once dropped my I.D. card in a parking lot three miles away from campus, and another student took the time to pick it up and walk it back to me. If that is not an excellent community, I am not sure what is. 

Deep friendships and community can make the world of difference on whether or not you enjoy your college experience. Students here have certainly found that the friendships, mentorships, and community runs deep. One student says their favorite thing about campus is, “The great friendships I’ve made while here.”

Nearly half of the students surveyed agreed that community is probably their all time favorite thing about school. So, if you are worried or nervous about making friends, do not sweat it. Odds are, if you are coming to Grove City College, you will make lifelong friends.


Lighting up the Star

One Grove City College student reminds us about a favorite campus tradition when she writes, “Lighting up the star in December.” This is such a fun tradition at Grove City College that we hope we get to see this year. Each year when we come back from Thanksgiving break, the school is fully decorated for Christmas. There are trees in most buildings, the outside trees have twinkle lights, and the chapel is so beautifully decorated to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Best of all, each year there is an annual star lighting ceremony, when the big star above our science building is illuminated for the rest of the holiday season. 

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