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E-Commerce (Knot Hangin’)

Each year at Grove City College there is a class called E-Commerce, where students create online businesses that donate their profits to local nonprofits. In this class, teams of students learn how to manage an online business in a hands-on learning experience. This week I sat down with Amanda Mayer, team member of E-Commerce team […]


Students tell us their favorite thing about Grove City College

From the beautiful nature surrounding the campus, to the well structured buildings and engaging professors, there can be a lot to enjoy about Grove City College. This week I surveyed the student body and asked them to tell me their favorite thing about Grove City College, and here is what they had to say:  Christ-Centered […]


Dorm Plants

You might not be able to have pets on campus, but one thing you can keep in your dorm while you live on campus is a plant. If you have never been good at taking care of plants but you are looking into trying it out, or just want something to spruce up your room, […]


Dealing with Roommate Conflict

Not knowing who your roommate will be as you begin college can be a little nerve-wracking. You could be living with someone you do not know anything about, or who is from a completely different state or country, or who has completely different expectations for sleep cycles or cleanliness. It can be tough. This week […]


A Culture of Worship

When I walk down to the coffee shops on Broad Street, right off of campus, I sit down to enjoy my coffee and pull out some textbooks and begin reading. As I read I can hear the conversations of Grove City College (GCC) students nearby, asking about faith, sharing their stories with one another, and […]


Fall Fest

  One of my favorite events on campus is Fall Fest. It is exactly what it sounds like: a festival to kick off the fall season here at Grove City College. All the clubs, sororities, fraternities, and other organizations on campus make game booths in the Quad and you and your friends spend an entire […]


Professors Online

  Before attending Grove City College, I was taking a full course load online through a community college. I did not mind online classes when I was taking them my first year of college. It gave me more freedom to have a job and travel. By the end of a year, however, despite my guzzling […]

Virtual Career Fair

Virtual Career Fair

  Grove City College students are a notoriously driven bunch. It feels like many of us are thinking about what we will be doing post-graduation or over the summer more than anything else. Last semester saw many summer jobs and internships canceled because of the virus, and we have been hesitant to get our hopes […]

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