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Grove City College Mechanical Engineering Student Spotlight: Nate Carver

Video Interview:

Grove City College offers its students a wide variety of majors to choose from. One of the College’s most reputable majors here is Mechanical Engineering, also known by the acronym MECE. Grove City College ranked 55th nationally for the program and has been listed as a top 100 school in the country for undergraduate engineering programs for several years now. Mechanical Engineering students are driven, dedicated, and challenged by a unique way of thinking and problem solving with hands-on experience through real world application. Grove City College MECE students are passionate about what they do and enjoy the opportunity to “think outside the box” when tasked with assignments and projects. This major is challenging because it consists of mainly math and physics, but completing the work makes for a strong sense of achievement.

Nate Carver, senior Mechanical Engineering major here at Grove City College, sat down and talked about the highlights, struggles, and advice for upcoming freshmen based on the experience that he has had with choosing to be a MECE student. Nate loves the college path he has chosen and looks forward to graduation so that he can put the concepts and skills that he has learned to use in the real world.

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