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Career Options for an English Major Part 2

Have you ever thought about being an English major but hesitated because of unknown future employment opportunities? You are not alone. My name is Laura Locher, and I am a senior English major with a Communication Studies minor. Welcome to Part 2 of the “Career Options for an English Major” series!

Part 1 focuses on the more well-known jobs of an English major – i.e., publishing, editing, author, etc. Part 2, however, focuses on more unconventional or not as well-known jobs like advertising, paralegal, insurance, etc.

Coming into school freshman year, I knew I wanted to study English, but I also knew I did not want to be a teacher. So, what were my other options? I am here to present to future English majors a variety of different career paths that may be unknown as you enter college. Enjoy Part 2!

Media/Marketing –

  1. Journalism: If you are someone who loves researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and organizing stories then journalism is for you.
  • Where journalists work: Journalists work for magazines, journals, newspapers, TV, etc. There are more opportunities to be a journalist than just in the political field. If you want invigorating work, jornalism may be for you.
  1. Event Management: Yes, English majors can be event managers! You do not need a degree in Communication Studies or event planning to be an event manager. With you reading, writing, and communication background from your English degree, planning, organizing, and promoting social events will come naturally.
  • Where event managers work: Event managers work for single clients, big corporations, small businesses, etc. Think of any brand or product you use. Now think of all of the events that have been put on to promote that product or brand? You can do that with an English degree.
  1. Advertising: An English degree can take you far in advertising. For example, I work for a company called FCB Health, NY as a freelance editor right now. Advertising agencies need people who can write, edit, and communicate not only effectively but also intentionally and creatively. For FCB, you could be an editor, copywriter, account manager, integrated production, and more.
  • Where advertisers work: English majors can work a lot of different jobs in advertising. You can edit, proofread, copywrite, manage accounts, run social media content, and so much more. Do not think you need to be a Marketing major to work for an advertisement agency – although that is not a bad route of course.

Communications –

  1. Paralegal: Paralegals are crucial for the success of lawyers. They draft documents, organize files, and so much more. Paralegals are also sometimes referred to as a legal assistant. Want to go into law without going to law school? Well now you can.
  • Where a paralegal works: Pick the law firm and you can find a paralegal job.
  1. Insurance: With an English degree, you can pursue writing insurance policies for any insurance company – i.e., GEICO, Allstate, Progressive, Nationwide, etc.
  • Where insurance writer’s work: Pick an insurance company. Apply for a job in insurance looking for positions labeled writer, technical journalist, technical writer, copywriter, etc.
  1. Human Resources (HR): HR is most known for tasks like training, communicating with clients, employees, and applicants, managing records, etc. With an English degree, you possess a great skill set to excel in HR. For example, “strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to apply principles of rhetoric to persuasion and arguments, researching and assessment techniques, developing conclusions from research and evaluation, synthesis of ideas, and organization of material” (“Can I Get a Job in”).
  • Where HR people work: Any well-established company has human resources. HR is an indispensable part of a company. Try taking a look at advertising agencies, big corporations, office jobs, etc. It will be difficult to find a company without a HR team.

Do not limit yourself to a handful of jobs or turn away from the major completely because you are unaware of the multitude of jobs that await an English major. Being an English major enables you the opportunity to try many different fields, careers, and jobs that say a narrower major would not allow. There are options out there other than teaching or being an author.




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