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Three Cold Weather Activities

Have you ever been cooped up inside through a cold winter? Well, the Grove City climate is infamous for cold winters. That is why I want to give you three ideas of what you can do indoors amidst the cold winter weather. I have found my fair share of enjoyable indoor activities that have enabled me to still see friends, stay active, and rest.

  1. Movie night with friends.

You do not need a projector or big TV to have a successful movie night with your friends. When it is cold outside, all I want to do is get cozy and hang with friends. It can get lonely after awhile of staying inside away from the cold. That is why using your laptop for a movie night with friends is the perfect idea! You do not have to leave your dorm to enjoy time with friends. The cold weather does not have to keep you from making popcorn and enjoying a chill night.

  1. At home workout in your room.

Although this may not seem like an ideal way to spend time out of the cold, it is a sure way to keep your body moving. When winter hits Grove City, it is easy to want to stay in your room and avoid going to the gym because that would involve going outside. But, for your physical and mental health, you need to stay active even in your dorm. In today’s world, there are thousands of free at home workouts, via YouTube, available to you that only require your bodyweight. Working out in your dorm room will not only keep you healthy physically but also mentally. We tend to downward spiral when we are cooped up with nothing to do, nowhere to go, or anyone to see. If you move your body for even 20 minutes a day, your mental health will improve as well.

  1. Turn on the “Fireplace” special on Netflix, make a hot drink, and read a book.

During Grove City’s cold winters, you need to make time to see friends and stay active for your mental sanity. But you also need to practice self-care. Do not neglect your personal health. Find things that bring you true rest and ease of mind and body. For me, it is turning on the Netflix special “Fireplace,” making a cup of chai tea, and reading a book. I want nothing more on a cold day then to sit by a fire, in dorms the closest thing I get is the Netflix special, and cozy up with a good book. That is my version of rest and self-care. What is yours?

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