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The Prospective Perspective Podcast – Lizzy Higgins: How I traveled to 13 Countries through GCC

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In today’s episode of the Prospective Perspective, Zach and I sit down with Lizzy Higgins, a senior Entrepreneurship major here at Grove City College. Lizzy walks us through her experiences abroad, including traveling to 13 different countries throughout Europe and Northern Africa during her junior year here. We get to learn a little bit about how Lizzy was able to travel to so many different places while still a full-time student, and how Grove City was able to aid her in finding the right program where that was a possibility. She shares some fun memories from living abroad with her Grove City friends and breaks down some of the perks of going to a smaller school where you have more personal relationships with professors and faculty. We dive into Lizzy’s experience on campus, from different clubs and groups she participates in, to friendships she has cultivated with her peers and professors.

From the growth in her spiritual life, to her confidence in putting herself out there and taking on leadership roles, Lizzy gives a great picture into how Grove City has helped her be prepared for life after college and what that looks like for her. Tune in to listen to all this and more now.

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