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The Prospective Perspective Podcast – Zach Hanson: College or Construction

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On this special episode of the Prospective Perspective, we switch things up a little bit and special guest host Lizzy Higgins and I interview our very own Zach Hanson.

Zach shares lots of funny stories of relationships with his professors, including how his professors have been involved in his love life. Zach and Lizzy dive into one of the most fun and unique aspect of life at Grove City: The personal relationships students develop with professors. They share some fun, funny, and embarrassing stories about how one professor in particular brought up their relationship in class and the funny conversations that preceded from there.

Zach also shares what it is like being a relationally-driven individual at an academically-rigorous school, and his experience coming to Grove City a semester into freshman year as a transfer student.

We really enjoyed getting to hear about Zach’s story in what brought him to Grove City, his time here, and how prepared he is feeling for the future. Whether you are already committed to attending Grove City or you have no idea if college is the right path for you, Zach’s story is helpful in providing an interesting outlook on finding what next step is right for you.

I hope you enjoy all Zach’s stories just as much as I did.

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