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Grove City Greek Life

As a freshman coming to Grove City College I knew nobody that has ever gone here or who was currently enrolled, I also had no intentions on joining a fraternity. But, being a more reserved kid I knew if this campus was going to work for me I had to get involved one way or another. Originally, I thought that would be basketball, that was a big reason why I choose this college. After some time on the team I knew basketball wasn’t in God’s plan for me here, and I was back to square one. I talked to my older brother who went to Cedarville University, and he recommended that I begin talking to groups around campus and see if that was the community vibe I was looking for.

So, I started by talking to as many groups as possible because you will see each group is unique in their own ways. After doing that for awhile I knew I found the one for me, I joined the Pan Sophic Fraternity in spring of my freshman year. Since that time I have created a bond with my brothers that is unmatched, when we are all together I look out and see my future wedding party assembled from the men in my fraternity. Jim Rohn says, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” This quote has always been something that I find to be very true. I recommend surrounding yourself with people you view as smarter, harder working, or have a quality trait that you can take and learn from them. My fraternity numerically is one of the smaller fraternities with only 14 active brothers, but there is something that I can learn from each of them.

Admittedly, Grove City does not have a massive night scene or a surplus of activities happening on a daily basis. The College combats that issue by allowing fraternities to have their own halls on campus, which is where I have had the most fun in my four years. Living on the hall with your fraternity brothers is like your middle school class trip staying at a hotel with all of your best friends. There is always something going on in someone’s room and it makes making plans together a lot easier. Some plans that fraternities usually talk about are events like homecoming where you get to meet alumni and here interesting stories from them, or a campus wide event like a campus cookout where we join up with a sorority and make hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers for those on campus, and create fellowship. Continuing on fellowship, each fraternity has a elected chaplain who’s role is to create bible studies, lead prayer, and look out for his fellow brothers faith.

Fraternities at Grove City College have a long history, with the first being my fraternity in 1911. With that comes a massive network of alumni that are there for you during college, and after. Out of the eight seniors that are graduating this spring from my fraternity, three of them already have jobs lined up after college because of a alumni offering them the job, or getting them in the door for interviews.


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