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A Letter to My Freshman Self

Dear freshman self,

There is something so special and life-giving about being a freshman. You have so much to learn and so much life to live in the next years. The excitement of all of the possibilities is overwhelming. You are in a new place with new people and new freedoms that you have never had before, but with all of this excitement comes a lot of responsibility. Through my four years at Grove City College, there are 10 things that I have gleaned from my experience, and I wish more than anything that someone would have told me these things when I was a freshman. But, freshman self, these are the lessons that God wanted and needed you to learn, and it is okay that you went through that pain and heartache because without that you would not have come out the other side a better woman. So here are 10 small lessons that I wish you would have known…

  1. God is in control, which means nothing is an accident.

It might seem like the things that happen are unfair or like God is not there, but He is. Always and forever. Trust in him no matter what.

  1. At the end of the day, Greek groups do not matter.

Yes, Greek life is so much fun. I loved being in a group so much. But it does not define who you are or who you can hang out with because after you leave this campus, it does not matter anymore. So do not let the Greek letters you wear keep you from being friends with people.

  1. Red flags apply to friendships.

If you see red flags in your friendships, listen to them.

  1. It truly does not matter what other people think about you.

This is still a lesson I am learning, but it is so true. It is a hard thing to put into practice, but you will enjoy your life so much more if you learn to not listen to the things other people say about you.

  1. If you trust your friends, then listen to their advice.

You take time to pour into the relationships you have, why would you not listen to the advice they have? This can relate to boys or clothes or anything. You need to trust that they have your best interest in mind.

  1. Do not be so judgmental.

Everyone is different and that is okay. Embrace the differences that you see instead of feeling insecure by them. If you learn to accept others rather than fighting, you will have more peace.

  1. Do not overcommit.

It is so easy in Grove City to stretch yourself soooo thin. Groverachieving is a very real thing and it makes it hard to say no to things. But fight the need to be involved in everything. You can say no, and it is okay. Please learn that saying no is not a sign of weakness, and it does not mean that people will not like you.

  1. Do not wish the time away.

The time in college is special, and your time here can never be replaced. Do not wish for it to be over. Notice the little things and appreciate the time you have to learn and grow and make special memories. Life is hard, and it will only get harder after you graduate so just soak in all the time you have at Grove City.

  1. Think about what is important.

Your priorities will always be changing, but at the core what are the things that matter the most to you? Knowing where your priorities lie makes all the difference in navigating life. If you do not know what is important to you, you will not stand for anything. So, formalize your priorities.

  1. Just Love.

Love other people and love your time. You will be happier if you learn to love first.

This list is not extensive, and it is not everything you will learn. Learn to fall in love with your life and do not worry so much. Take these lessons and learn from life experience. You are gonna grow more than you could ever imagine and that is good. You have amazing friends and a loving man and even though life is not perfect, it is so good. You will learn that life does not have to be perfect to be good. I hope these four years are a special time for you.


Senior self

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