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Best Places to Study on Campus

A lot of your time will be spent studying and doing homework while at school, especially when you are just starting your college career, because you will want to get off to a good start. So, I will be giving you the best places to study on campus and the pros and cons of each study area.

Staley Hall of Arts and Letters

This is my go-to place to do work. It has a good balance of being social and being quiet enough to get all of your work done. This is the main academic building for the Calderwood school, which is the liberal arts school. You are able to sign out the classrooms and use them for studying from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. This is really helpful because you can get a room with friends and have a casual study session, or you can get a room alone and grind out a lot of work in one night in silence. This is the best for me because I like studying with friends so I can get a room and study without being a disturbance to others. There is also a common area in the lobby where you can do work at tables with friends, but that is meant to be quiet so it is good when you have a small amount of work to do by yourself.

Henry Buhl Library

Originally I would say that the Library is not the place to go to study, but with the new updates, it is great. They renovated the whole library, and even though it is not finished yet, it is a great place to study. There are new tables and chairs all over the place and it is very modern; however, if you like to study in groups and be loud then the library is not for you. There are now private rooms that you can get that allow you to talk a little bit, but those rooms get taken within seconds of the library opening. It is a good place to study and get a lot of work done.

Breen Student UnionĀ 

Do not come here if you need to actually get work done. I love the student union, and I spend a lot of time here throughout the day in between classes to get some casual work done while I am talking to my friends. It is very loud and kind of the hub for students in between classes. It does quiet down a little bit at night but it is still pretty loud and can be difficult to focus on. However, if you have a group project that you need to do then this is a good place to do that because you do not need to worry about disturbing anyone. The student union is a good place to catch up with people while doing some casual work, but do not go there if you have a huge exam the next morning, unless it is 3 a.m. and this is the only building open.

There are no bad places to study on campus, and these are definitely not the only places to do work on campus, but I thought that these are the most popular and they are some of my favorites. There are a lot of good places to study, and honestly, none of them are bad places to do work.

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