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Pay No Attention to the Men and Women in White

It’s your first day of college and you have everything mapped out from your move-in time to your room number, so there won’t be a shock when you arrive on campus. You feel totally prepared for anything, yet when you pull up next to your dorm with all your boxes packed—there’s a feeling of surprise when legions of people in matching white shirts ascend upon your car and walk off with your belongings. At first you panic, but the box-carrying warriors in white introduce themselves first as enthusiastic fellow students, and then as the Grove City College Orientation Board—“OB”, for short.

OB is a longstanding organization at Grove City that has been helping freshmen and transfer students transition and adjust to their new lives at college. While other schools across the country have freshman orientation teams, OB’s purpose at Grove City is unique, and goes far beyond move-in day. OB puts on almost 3 consecutive weeks of awesome events from dances, movie nights, ice cream socials, sporting events and much more. These events make it feel effortless and comfortable for new students to meet their classmates, and possibly their lifelong friends.

The members Video-OBof OB (nearly 100) are split into 5 committees responsible for planning, producing and attending the various events, so while they work hard, they get the chance to play hard, too. There is never a shortage of fun and excitement at an OB event. However, at the end of the day, the primary mission of OB is service. OB is a ministry that aims to serve by building personal relationships that have a foundation in Christ. When not planning events, the committees spend weeks praying for each incoming student, often by name, and lifting each other up as they prepare for your arrival. All 100 members want to meet you, want to serve you, and want to seek out that kind of relationship with you.


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